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Dr. Mary Edwards Walker -- SASS#74882

Cowboy Guns



Dr. Mary Edwards Walker

Year joined SASS/RJSS
Registered Nurse
Significant Other's Alias:
Captain John Huston

Reason Behind the Alias:
Dr. Mary Walker, denied a commission with the Union army, volunteered and worked as a surgeon at the Union front lines for two years. She was taken prisoner and served four months in a Confederate prison at Richmond. She worked for women's rights. In 1865, she was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. She continued her work as a lecturer for women's rights and health issues until her death in 1919.

Favorite Cowboy Movie(s):
Any John Wayne movie

Favorite Cowboy Saying:
God willing and the river don't rise.

Other Hobbies:
Sewing business called Magnolias & Memories


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Last Updated 03/03/2009