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Four Eyes Felix -- SASS#17361

Cowboy Guns


Four Eyes Felix

Colt 45 4 3/4" Blue
Colt 45 4 3/4 Nickel
Colt 44-40 7 1/2" Blue
Colt 45 Buntline, 12" Blue

Year joined SASS/RJSS

Favorite Category

Rossi M-92 45 Colt
Winchester Model 92, 1-of-500, 38-40
Cimarron long range model 1873, 30" BBC 44-40

Corrections Stock Clerk II- SCI-Camp Hill


Favorite Cowboy Movie(s):
Big Jake, Rio Bravo, Rio Lobo, El Dorado, The Far Country, Bend in the River


Ithaca double barrel, 12 gauge

Reason Behind the Alias:
Well, I wear glasses. So I thought up "Four Eyes Felix" so I could make use of the fact that I wear glasses.

Other Hobbies:
Landscaping, home decorating

Favorite Cowboy Saying:
Jack Elam in Rio Lobo: "If you hear a loud noise, it will be Mr. Ketcham dying."
Also- (He had a double barrel pointed at Ketcham) "I hope my horse doesn't stumble on these rocks; we wouldn't want t have an accident."

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Last Updated 03/03/2009