Want a Free Rifle??


OK - in the interests of full disclosure, there is NO free rifle, just as there is no free lunch in life
(although if you register for the Ambush- you'll get a free lunch ticket).

To keep the smoke a-flowin' at RJSS, we need help in just about every aspect of the upcoming season. A chart is placed at the bottom of this page. While cowpokes are listed in some of the spots, usually one person can't do the whole season. Please find a spot or two where you can help out, and email us. If you want to specify certain months, please do. (Thanks to all of the cowpokes who have already stepped up.)

There is a tentative work (& shoot) day scheduled for April 1 (no fooling'). More details will come closer to that day.

For example:

Monthly Matches:
We still need volunteers to write the stages for 2 months. (Take a chance--expand your creativity--put your cowboy fantasies down on paper). Set up for each monthly match will probably be done the previous Sunday. So see how that fits into your schedule for volunteering.

Community Day: - usually in July. We need a couple more "hands" to help in the rifle and pistol stages, a few cowpokes to put on a "demo" stage, someone to "man" registration, a couple people to run the kids through the hotel (maybe spinning the wheel for penny candy) or shooting marshmallows out of the upstairs windows. We can rotate through these jobs, but we need volunteers.

First, here's what's planned--
Two Days (Sept. 15-16)
8 stages (Sat. afternoon and Sunday morning)
Saturday morning: Side matches, Chinese auction in saloon
Saturday eve: Cowboy and Wild Bunch side matches to remain open.
Saturday night: Chuckwagon Sam's gourmet cowboy BBQ, campfire and entertainment.
Sunday: Cowboy Church
Sunday after lunch: Top Gun Shoot off, prize drawings and awards.

Besides the 8 stages and free side matches all shooters will get an Ambush novelty, a ticket for a free lunch or breakfast. In addition, the BBQ is free for registered shooters. All shooters have a chance to win the main match prize, a Pedersoli White Hawk Rifle and for those who stay for the awards, their names will be included in the additional prize drawings.

NOW the kicker. First of all, we need registered shooters, at least 65. We need volunteers to help with the Ambush. Some folks have to help with side matches, find prizes to be given away and also find some cash stage sponsors (8 or 9 at $100--we already have 2 and a half). If you think you can help with any of those, PLEASE, let Chalkdust know ASAP.

OK here's the chart. Let RJSS and/or Chalkdust know when and how you can help out and volunteer. (Also--don't forget to send in your dues.) Click here for a pdf version of the chart

RJSS organizational Chart

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