Work Day - April 1

Hope to see some of you on workday 4/1/12 start time noon.

For those who want to come earlier, Poke & I will be there @ 9:00am.

Here is a list of what needs to be done, so you can prethink and choose if you like.

Repaint sign @ main entrance.
Fix door on registration bldg.
Clean out bays in general
Burn old spools and rotten unusable things
Help Bdoc set up for matches
Clean and red up buildings
Clean up behind bldgs.
Burn unusable Styrofoam blocks & wood.
Make tables from blocks if any are usable.
Clean and organize prop barn
Clean and organize target barn
Service generator
Clean up nails from burnpile in firearms bay (need magnets)
Clean up firearms bay
Set up and service Texas star in firearms bay
Dewinterize hotel and red up
Remove or rebuild stagefront in bay 8
Move hangman prop into a bay
Stabilize stagefronts on 5 & 7
Clean up Junk at far end of range
Clean off straw from haywagon
Bring stairs from haywagon to range

These are things RJSS can use if you would like to donate.
Drywall and deck screws
Roof cement
White and red house paint for targets
paint roller tubes
rubber gloves
ear plugs
eye protection glasses
22 ammo for community day

Also for those who have special talents, we need new signage for bays.

Feel free to bring hammers, screwguns, weedwackers, handtools

I will be providing dogs & kraut. Anything else will be appreciated and eaten.

Bring guns for later if you like.
Thanks for your support,

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